letmebeloved (faeriebracelet) wrote in lunalux,

hello :)

this seems like a lovely community :) I'm leaving for Greece later tonight, and I can't wait to see what's been going on in here when I get back!
Maybe I should share some embarrasing things about practical magic. Me and my friends named us Sally and Gillian, we even used the names in out emails. but we were like 13 when the movie came out so you can't really blame me :) I was Gillian anyways, and I still lvoe the movie!
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Oh, I don't think that's embarrassing at all! My friend & I do that now...and we're (nearly) 22 and 29! It's all fabulous, magical fun. ;)

Have a lovely time in Greece! ~XOXOX~

thanks :)
Welcome to the community! i hope you have an amazing time in Greece(bring back lots of pics!) I went looking for 'Practical Magic' on dvd yesterday, it's like the quest for the holy grail..i'm not sure it exists.:P
it does exist, but maybe you'll have to buy it online or something. and I'll take pics :) thanks!
Have a marvelous time in Greece!
thanks, I'm home now :)